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How to Win the Progressive Jackpot Slots — Help You Earn Money

By Budzh'yun
Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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How to Win the Progressive Jackpot Slots — Help You Earn Money

The first progressive jackpots – Mega Moolah and Megabucks – appeared back in 1986. Since that time, gambling fans have been trying to find a guaranteed way to snatch a prize. 36 years – a seemingly sufficient term to craft the perfect strategy.

But machines aren’t as predictable as we’d like. However, several secrets for hitting the reward still exist, and you have the power to win even if you’re new to the gambling world.

TOP 10 Tips on How to Win the Progressive Jackpot

Before learning effective gambling strategies, it’s important to start small and understand the question “what is a progressive jackpot?”

How To Win The Progressive Jackpot
A progressive jackpot is a jackpot (a gambling grand prize or payout) which increases each time the game is played but the jackpot is not won.

In simple words, it’s a prize fund formed by deducting a small percentage from each bet. Every spin made implies that a certain odds percentage (from 1% to 5%) is added to the jackpot amount.

How do progressive slots work?

The reward has a certain minimum mark and steadily grows until some fortunate soul hits it. User activity affects how quickly the price increases: the more bets are made and the more the reels spin, the larger amount is accumulated.

When it’s time to start playing to snatch the reward? Or the secrets to hitting more jackpots are a myth? Let’s move on! 

What Affects Winnings in Slot Machines

Now you know the answer to the question “what is a progressive slot machine” and comprehend its working principles. Next, we’ll discover what affects the game’s outcome in general. After all, millions of players are so passionate about the gambling process that they unconsciously choose the wrong strategies to success and then wonder about losing big money in online casinos.

In fact, when it comes to “one-armed bandits”, the chance of victory depends a lot on the favor of fortune. All because casino products work based on RNG – a random number generator. It’s a securely encrypted program that determines the spin outcome. No one can influence its results – neither players nor casino administration.


Another factor that affects winnings is RTP – the percentage of return to the player. The higher its value for the gaming machine, the greater the player’s advantage over the casino. Leading manufacturers offer software with high RTP – about 99-99.5%. However, even in this case, winning isn’t guaranteed. The percentage indicates only that the algorithm will eventually give the player 99-99.5% of the bets.

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So, as you’ve already understood, 100% working strategies don’t exist, but there’s still an opportunity to increase your chances of success using our expert advice on how to hit a jackpot on a slot machine.

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Things to Know about Progressive Jackpot Winnings

For some players, getting a big reward is a life goal. The bigger the goal, the harder it is to achieve. After all, millions of gamblers play slot machine progressive casino games, but only one becomes a millionaire or just a richer person every two or three months. Although the chances aren’t so great, no one excludes the possibility that you’ll be the next to take the prize. The main thing is to bear a clear understanding of what you’re doing. So how do progressive slot jackpot winnings work?

Gambling establishments provide three main types of progressive jackpot slot machines – they differ in the way the maximum prize is formed.

  • In-house – a group of gaming machines linked together within one online casino network and sharing the same reward.
  • Stand-alone – aren’t networked with other slot machine progressive casino sites. Consequently, the total winning pool is much lower.
  • Wide-area – slots from various online casinos are pooled, providing the biggest rewards thanks to the huge number of players worldwide.

The size of online progressive jackpots varies greatly, from several hundred to millions of dollars. As the sum increase, the probability of success remains the same.

Progressive Jackpot
Progressive jackpot slot machines are those that take a percentage of each bet players make on the game as a contribution to the jackpot pool.

Thus, players have the opportunity to snatch huge amounts of money when the prize pool reaches its maximum. But keep in mind, the smaller the progressive slot games network, the more chances on the positive outcome you have. Indeed, the number of players isn’t so great, although the winning pool is smaller.

Must-Hit-By in Progressive Slots

What is a must hit slot machine? The answer will help you snatch the reward. “Must-hit-by” refers to the minimum amount the jackpot must accumulate before hitting. Thus, every progressive bet you make becomes potentially successful. But how to determine the must-hit-by amount? The easiest way is to find a special label under the prize tab. The best progressive slot machines provide such information, and it’s a great time-saver.

If labels aren’t specified, the only way to determine the must-hit-by amount is to watch the gambling process in a preferred title, for example, in a hot shots progressive slot machine. Arm yourself with patience, since the process is long and tedious.


Pay attention to the size of the rewarding amount every time you start playing. Then, find the answer to the question “how often do progressive jackpots hit?” It’s not difficult. Has the prize amount dropped sharply? It means someone has won. Chances are the last amount you noticed was the “must-hit-by”. To make sure you’ve identified it correctly, keep watching until someone hits the prize again. Thus, you’ll know when it’s worth starting playing to get a progressive jackpot win.

Best 10 Tips to Win Progressive Slots

Millions of gamblers crave to play progressive slots online. Fascinating plots, simple gameplay, and increasing rewarding amounts attract both beginners and pro players. Of course, everyone wants to recognize how to snatch that coveted prize. When you know “what are progressive slots?” and how money is drawn, it’s time to consider how to gain the reward.

#1 Review the Rules

Make sure you know how the gambling product works before immersing in the reckless adventure. Even if you’re a pro in a hot shot progressive slot machine, it’s worth reviewing its features to save and multiply your money. If you’re a novice player, learn the rules to the smallest detail. Moreover, try the game’s demo version before playing with real cash.

#2 Decide on the Type of Progressive Game to Play

In-house, stand-alone, and wide-area machines are equally good for a fabulous gaming experience. The difference lies in the prize size and probability of victory. We advise you to choose stand-alone or in-house titles to succeed faster.

#3 Check the Minimum Bet Rules

Many progressive casino slots require you to deposit a certain minimum amount to hit the reward. The game itself will allow smaller odds, but when you get the coveted winning combination, you’ll be credited with a fixed prize and not the main bonus. It’ll be disappointing if you miss the chance to get a large sum due to a small mistake. 

#4 Choose Where to Play Progressive Jackpot Games

Leading gambling companies offer software with growing reward pools and cooperate with top online casinos like Bitstarz.com. In addition, you have an opportunity to snatch a large sum while playing online poker. So choose a platform you trust and go ahead for winnings!

#5 Play Multiple Slots

The advice is related to the must-hit-by amounts we’ve discussed above. Watch the dynamics of the prize pool in different games to determine when it’s worth hunting for it. It’s even better if you’re lucky to find a title with a labeled must-hit-by amount. A fast hit progressive slot machine is also a good way to get quick cash.

#6 Don’t Overrate Your Strength

Dozens of titles require a maximum bet to qualify for the winning pool. So, estimate your budget. The pursuit of a brilliant victory in hot shot progressive slots sometimes drags on. Moreover, the possibility of losing still exists. So consider the required wager amount and evaluate your strength. If you can’t afford the set minimum, it’s better to choose regular casino entertainment – chances of receiving prizes will be higher.

#7 Stick to a Defined Budget

This is the main rule of how to hit the jackpot on slot machines with minimal money loss. Determine the affordable amount to spend in one day of gambling. If you play two, three, or four titles at once, distribute the money evenly. Never exceed the limit so as not to experience severe financial losses.

#8 Be Patient

Impatient and short-tempered people never become progressive jackpot winners. After all, if you lose, you need to wait until the prize pool resumes –it takes time. Patience is also needed during the gameplay, for example, when you try out different betting strategies in search of the best one.

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#9 Choose High-Quality Software from Top Providers

This is another important tip on how to win progressive jackpot. After all, a rogue title will never pay you money but only ruin your gaming experience. Pay attention to the software provider, world-famous manufacturers offer the best progressive jackpot slots with exciting plots and numerous bonus features.

#10 Take Advantage of Promo Offers

Every reputable gambling establishment offers customers a variety of favorable bonuses and promotions available for both regular and new players. But first, make sure the promo is valid for your preferred jackpot slots game.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Progressive Jackpots

Does hunting for major victories bring any good? Is the game worth the candle? In truth, no one knows the exact answer – the decision is yours. Consider the pros and cons of progressive casino games before making your first bet.

prize pool sometimes exceeds millions of dollarschance to win the progressive slot machine jackpotsoftware from renewed providers have exciting plots and various bonus featuressome titles require a maximum bet to qualify for the winning poolrisk of losing a large amount without getting the rewardyou spend a lot of time and effort determining must-hit-by amounts


Well, we answered the question “what are progressive slot machines?” and gave you tips on how to play them. Everything else depends on random chance. When it comes to large prize pools and hundreds or even thousands of gamblers fighting for them, the probability of success isn’t so bright. Sorry for that. But miracles happen when you least expect. So don’t give up doing what you love. If something goes wrong, reset your plans, change the strategy, try another game – in short, experiment.

Who knows, maybe you’ll manage to find the coveted strategy of how to win progressive slots. Besides, don’t forget to use our tips, their effectiveness has been proven on gambling entertainment!


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