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What is a Chain Bet in Sports Betting

By Budzh'yun
Updated: Nov 24, 2023
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What is a Chain Bet in Sports Betting

Top bookmakers strive to improve the service and offer new kinds of bets. One is a chain wager, similar to multiple stakes but has some differences. What is chain bet, how is it calculated, and is it possible to increase the game bank quickly betting in this way

How Does a Chain Bet Work

The simplest explanation of what is a chain bet would be the following: it is a set of single wagers arranged in a sequence set by a player. We can call this type of deal a hybrid of individual and multiple bets.

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A “chain” includes several different events in one coupon. The calculation of every single wager in the sequence depends on the result of previous games: will it be profitable or not. The better by himself determines the order of matches included in the chain. The order of events may be random and depends on the bettor’s wish and insight. For example, the first game in the list might begin much later than the subsequent ones.

What is a Chain Bet
What is a Chain Bet in Sports Betting

Apart from this, a chain bet has the following essential features:

  1. If the first stake does not return, there will be no funds to wager on the subsequent event, and a sequence will crash.
  2. If any stake does not return and the account of a chain becomes empty (e.g., =0), a bettor will lose.
  3. The wagers are equal to each other in size.
  4. If one of the stakes does not return and the account of a chain is lower than the size of the first one, the size of the next bet is calculated based on the remaining funds.
  5. The final gain returns to the game account.

At first glance, it might seem that this kind of betting is complicated and incomprehensible. Don’t be afraid, it’s easy and will be clear just after a single attempt of this kind of wagering. 

Chain Bet Examples

Let’s see how it works. Suppose there are four independent events. Bets size is €50.

EventsRateBet size,  €OutcomeWinChain account €50.00
№12.1050+50 x 2.10105
№21.3950+(105 – 50) + (50 x 1.39)119.5
№33.1550+(119.5 – 50) + (50 x 3.15)227
№41.6050(227 – 50) + (50 x 0)177

As we see, the chain-betting system can be profitable. The payout can be a threefold increase of bet size only if most of the events in the sequence are successful, of course.

Look at another example of chain calculation. Suppose that two bets will not return.

EventsRateBet size,  €OutcomeWinChain account €50.00
№12.1050+50 x 2.10105
№21.3950(105 – 50) + (50 x 0)55
№33.1550(55 – 50) + (50 x 0)5
№41.605+(5 – 5) + (5 x 1.60)8

As we see in the second example, the chain-betting system cannot be profitable at all. Even so, it is safer than multiple systems when each event must win to have a return.

Chain Betting Tips 

A sequence of single wagers gives a chance of game banks increasing, but it is necessary to select events correctly. Here are some betting tips, which will help you to make a profitable sequence:

  1. The first happening should have the most predictable outcome. If the first bet does not return, there will be no money to wager on the second and following events. So that a chain crashes.
  2. The optimal sequence consists of no more than four happenings — the more matches chosen – the less chance to win.
  3. To minimize the risk of losing, we recommend alternating the events you are sure in with the games that have more uncertain outcomes.
  4. There is a general tip to stake on the outcomes with a rate of 2.0, at least. Albeit, it is not a rule. Low rates guarantee higher odds and increase the chance of a return. Trust your insight.

Don’t forget that chain betting requires a high level of knowledge of sports, crews, or individual game participants. 

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A chain bet is a kind of multiple stakes consisting of two or more matches set in arbitrary order the bettor wishes. The main distinctive feature is that not all events should be winning. Losing is also possible. This type of betting allows getting a massive jackpot, staying in profit even when a single wager has lost. Try it if you have never done it before. Good luck, and enjoy it!

Author: Budzh'yun
Crypto Casino Expert
Budzh'yun Zulu has been a professional writer since 2015. He knows the problems players face when searching for reliable casinos and analyzes every site he writes a review about. With a background in sports betting, he understands the opportunities available to successful bettors when utilizing digital currency.