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How To Play Slots Machine: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

By Budzh'yun
Updated: Feb 10, 2024
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How To Play Slots Machine: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

When someone says “casino”, the first thing that comes to mind is slots. Indeed, this gambling entertainment deserves its reputation. Gamblers started spinning the reels at the end of the 19th century when the first machine was invented. The game hasn’t lost its popularity even today when the gambling market is teeming with all possible types of poker, roulette, lotteries, and other entertainment to try your luck.

FUN FACT: Even the ATMs in casinos have an RTP (of sorts).

Of course, few people gamble just for fun, the essence is to hit the coveted jackpot. So today, we’ll tell you all the ins and outs of how to play a slot machine and give useful tips on how to start spinning!

Main Idea of the Game

What is the essence of slot machines? The answer to this question will help you understand how to play the slots. And you’ll be happy to know that it’s very simple. No matter if you click a button or pull a handle, the goal of the game is the same – to spin the reels and win if the symbols line up in a winning combination. Game icons randomly scattered across the field without matching a single payline? Sorry, you’ve lost.

How to Play Slot Machines
How to Play Slot Machines: Сhoose a slot!

Don’t let the terms scare you. Things are much simpler than you think. We’ll figure out how to play the slot machines a bit later. In the meantime, grab some goodies, and let’s move on!

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How Do Slot Machines Work?

Beginners often wonder “How do slots work and is there any smart strategy to win?” Many go the other way and rely on luck and superstitions. Allegedly, they’ll hit the jackpot on the 5th, 10th, or 15th spin or if they play at a certain time of the day. Luck isn’t on your side but not against you either. Luck doesn’t care. The main trigger of your winnings and the culprit of losses is RNG (Random Number Generator). What is it? Let’s find out!

What is Random Number Generator?

A random number generator is special computer software built into each slot machine. The program runs on pre-installed algorithms that allow it to perform lightning-speed mathematical calculations. Thus, RNG generates thousands of operations per second, changing the outcome of the game over and over again.

How Does Random Number Generator Works?

The program determines the result of your spin as soon as you click the “Start” button. Although you watch how the symbols change while the reels are spinning, the feeling of control of what is happening is imaginary. In fact, the reels don’t even need to spin, it’s enough just to show you a picture with the result. And all those decorations are created only for visual excitement.

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It’s also interesting that RNG performs its complex math calculations even when no one is spinning the reels. The program “freezes” only when you hit the “Start” button. This is how the outcome of your spin is determined.

How RNG Affects Your Game

Since the RNG algorithms give out a new combination of symbols with each new spin, you never know what to expect. You also have no power to influence the outcome of the game as it’s completely unpredictable and random. Keep this in mind when looking for winning strategies on how to make a slot machine hit.

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Breaking Slot Machines Down

And here we come to the main part of what you need to know about how to play slots at casino. Since this is one of the simplest games, you’ll easily understand its essence. We’ve prepared some basics for you to master the reels faster. Learn them by heart before making your first spin!


You’ve probably heard this term in case you’re familiar with gambling. And this is the first thing you should understand if you’re a beginner and just learning how to play in a casino slot machine. And so, reels are the vertical columns that make up the playing field, that is, the very place where the symbols are located. Reels start spinning as soon as you press the corresponding button, so the symbols move and line up in different combinations. The number of such vertical columns varies depending on the game – there are 3, 5, 7, and even 9-reel-slots.


Rows are the opposite of reels. So, if the latter are located vertically, then rows are horizontal. They don’t spin but are commonly used to determine the pay lines. Just like in the case of reels, the number of rows differs depending on the game. So, we’ve figured out the layout of the game, and now, let’s move on to other important points.


The name speaks for itself. Paylines are composed of rows and determine winning combinations by covering one symbol from each reel. The more paying lines are there, the more potentially winning options you get. Traditionally, slots feature from 20 to 30 paylines, but sometimes their number reaches 50 or even more. You should also know that the minimum winning combinations are composed of 3 symbols, and the more icons you match on the payline, the more money the casino pays you. This is one of the basic principles of how to play slot machines to win.


The term refers to the winnings you receive when spinning the reels. How to understand how much the casino will pay you? All information is specified in the payout table. So be sure to check it before spinning the reels. You’ll discover how much money the casino gives you for different symbol combinations, combos, and bonus rounds. Don’t ignore payout tables if you want to earn some cash. This is one of the helpful tips for winning on slot machines.


Symbols are game icons located on the reels and spinning together with them. Symbols usually look different depending on the theme of the game you play. 

Breaking Slot Machines Down
How to Play Slot Machines: Symbols usually look different depending on the theme of the game you play. 

Moreover, there’s another useful thing to know if you’re looking for ways how to play slots and win. Each symbol has its own value. Therefore, by lining up high-valued icons, you get greater payouts. Moreover, some symbols such as multipliers, wilds, and scatters have additional features and contribute to big profits.

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4 Easy Steps How to Play Slot Machines for Beginners

Heard about big jackpots in slots and are wondering how to beat a slot machine at the casino? Unfortunately, there’s no universal way to get major payouts while spinning the reels. Otherwise, the game would have lost its sense. Therefore, each gambler creates a strategy on how to play slot machines and win.

And you’ll manage to do it too! First, get comfortable with the gameplay by following our expert tips.

  1. Come Up with a Game Plan

What is a game plan? These are all the important things to consider before starting the game. It would seem that everything is extremely simple – launch the title and enjoy. But! Such an approach often leads to quick financial losses. So if you crave not only an adrenaline rush but also big rewards, consider 3 important tips on how to win at slots at a casino with minimal deposits!

  • Establish a budget

Think about how much money you have to spend on bets today. Whether it’s $20, $50, or $200, stick to your budget and don’t exceed it. Treat this cash as entertainment expenses that you don’t mind spending.

  • Forget credit cards

Using a credit card is far from the best way to play slots. Many gamblers feel tempted to borrow some extra money to make another spin. It goes without saying what this usually leads to. So keep this information in mind every time you want to withdraw cash from your credit card.

  • Know when to stop

Self-confidence is good, but not when you’re strategizing how to beat the slots. As you already know, the outcome of the game is always random. So after a series of successful spins, there’s usually a loss. Save yourself the frustration and clearly define the moment when to stop and leave the game while you have money.

  1. Choose a game

Are you wondering how to choose a slot machine to enjoy the game and win a lot? First, figure out what type of slot you’re looking for. To do this, try different titles to determine the one that suits you best. 

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 We’ve also compiled a list of questions to help you choose a game:

  • Do you like the theme?
  • Do you feel good about the gameplay?
  • Do betting limits meet your budget?
  • Is RTP high enough?
  • How do you play slot machines with bonus features?
  • How many paylines are there?
  • How many reels do you want to play?

Answer all these questions and search for a game that meets your criteria.

  1. Set a Bet 

If you’re looking for the best advice on how to win slot machines, start by setting the right bet. That is the one that suits your budget and playing style. First, choose how many lines you want to bet on (you’ll find the appropriate box on the bottom or sidebar). Then select the bet value by:

  • Clicking on the arrows next to the box
  • Clicking on the box and selecting the desired value from the list of suggested options.
  1. Load up the game

Software developers create simple layouts for modern slots, so you won’t have any problems launching the game. Carefully inspect the playing field and study all the functionality. The button you need is called “Spin” and is often marked with an arrow. You’ll also find an “Autoplay” button, but we advise you to avoid this mode as you risk losing a lot of money.

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One of the greatest things about spinning the reels is the wide variety of games to choose from. The gambling industry doesn’t stand still, offering players new titles with unique features and themes. So, you’ll surely find a game to suit your taste, whether you prefer classic options or something more progressive. We highlight 3 main types of slots that are worth a try.


Gamblers also know them as 3-reel games. They’re similar to traditional “one-armed bandits” and characterized by a small number of pay lines – 1, 3, or 5. This is a great option for beginners, as classic titles are easier to understand. Having mastered this game, you’ll manage to play any other types of slots without any problems. What’s more, classic titles feature lower bets, in case you’re wondering “How much do slot machines cost to play?”

Video Slots

This is one of the most popular game versions which is also known as 5-reel slots. A greater number of vertical sections allows you to get more winning combinations. Moreover, this variant of the game is characterized by enhanced graphics, a variety of sound effects, and numerous special features such as bonus rounds, bonus spins, scatters, multipliers, and wilds.

Progressive Jackpots

These games are in huge demand in any online casino, and that’s not surprising. Progressive slots provide a great opportunity to win a big jackpot, and this amount grows along with the increase in the number of players’ bets. Moreover, the jackpot is usually accumulated within one casino or pooled with other platforms. Thus, its amount varies from several thousand to millions of dollars.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Slot Machines

While some actively spin the reels, others avoid such games and opt for roulette or poker. What is the reason? Should you play slots games at all? Compare their pros and cons to decide.

1. Gameplay simplicity
2. Various betting options
3. Captivating plots on different themes
4. Ability to play for free in demo mode
5. Availability of big jackpots
6. Profitable bonus features
1. Impermanent winnings
2. Frequent gambling leads to addiction
3. Possible money depletion

Slot Machine Strategies

In the realm of casinos, slots emerge as the most straightforward games, demanding merely the spinning of reels and embracing the whims of fate. Players find themselves devoid of any dominion over the combinations that unveil themselves or the opportune moment when a jackpot shall grace them.

Discerning the ebbs and flows of machine fortune remains an enigmatic endeavor. Nonetheless, lurking within this apparent simplicity lie certain perils. It becomes imperative to delve into the inscriptions adorning the glass or peruse the help menu to grasp the nature of the contraption at hand. Three distinct archetypes of reel-spinning slots materialize: the multiplier, the buy-a-pay, and the progressive.

The Multiplier

Upon a multiplier, rewards manifest commensurate to the coins tendered, with the exception, typically, of the grand jackpot. Should the machine accommodate up to three credits per round, and should a solitary credit be offered, three bars beckon a modest tenfold return. Elevating the ante to two credits amplifies the reward to twenty for three bars, and thirty for the trifecta. However, the zenith of winnings escalates disproportionately, with three sevens potentially dispensing 500 for a singular credit and a staggering 1,000 for two, culminating at a colossal 10,000 for a complete trifecta of credits.

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Prior to engaging in gameplay, it behooves one to scrutinize the glass for verification of such principles, lest one dares venture forth with less than the maximum coins in play on this variant of apparatus.

The Buy-a-Pay

One must never underfund a buy-a-pay endeavor, wherein each credit procures a designated assortment of symbols or a payout conduit. The initial coinage may solely trigger victories upon cherry alignments, while the succeeding coin instigates bar compensations, and the ultimate coin awakens the dormant power of the sevens.

Alas, dire consequences befall the unfortunate soul who encounters three jackpot symbols on a buy-a-pay contrivance with a mere solitary credit endowed — for they shall be met with naught but despair.

A variant presents itself in the form of machines bedecked with multiple payout avenues, each activated by an independent credit. All symbols maintain a state of alertness with every coin committed, yet should a triumphant confluence materialize upon the third-credit payout lane with a solitary or dual credits proffered, the remuneration dwindles to nil.

The Progressive

Similarly, there exists scant rationale for dispensing anything less than the maximum quota of coins on a progressive apparatus. A fortunate soul who manages to align the coveted jackpot symbols shall partake in a share of the spoils from every coin invested.

In bygone eras, progressive mechanisms operated in insular fashion — the jackpot contingent upon the cumulative wagers amassed since the preceding monumental triumph. Presently, the majority of progressives find themselves interconnected via electronic means, with every credit laid down across the network contributing to a communal jackpot.

These jackpots, veritably, can attain staggering proportions — with the pinnacle recorded at $39,710,826.26, attained through a $1 progressive iteration at a Las Vegas gaming establishment. Nevertheless, this bounty comes with a trade-off; the frequency and magnitude of supplementary payouts tend to diminish. Furthermore, the grand jackpot eludes those unwilling to partake in the maximum credit allocation.

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Should circumstances necessitate a departure from the full credit allotment, it is prudent to seek out a multiplier wherein the escalation in jackpot value with each additional coin remains relatively modest. Alternatively, opt for a machine accommodating one’s financial constraints whilst enabling the maximum credit engagement.

Should one’s financial constraints preclude adherence to the maximum credit protocol on a $1 machine, transitioning to a quarter denomination may prove judicious. Should the prospect of wagering three quarters simultaneously evoke discomfort, downgrade to a two-quarter mechanism. In the absence of capacity for such, a nickel machine presents itself as a viable alternative.

The Distinction With Video Slots

The realm of video slots diverges markedly, boasting a myriad of paylines and the prospect of staking multiple credits per line. Certain penny slots, boasting 20 paylines, permit wagers of up to 25 coins per line, culminating in a maximum outlay of $5 — indeed, a princely sum!

Whilst the majority of players refrain from staking the maximum on video slots, they remain steadfast in ensuring coverage across all paylines, even if opting for a solitary credit per line. It becomes imperative to maintain eligibility for the bonus rounds, which constitute the hallmark of video slot amusement. Some progressive jackpots mandate adherence to the maximum bet, whilst others remain indifferent.

Should a maximum wager stand as a prerequisite for jackpot eligibility, and one finds oneself disinclined to ascend to such heights, it is incumbent upon them to seek an alternative apparatus.


Slots are a great option for those who are just entering the gambling world. After all, you don’t need any special skills or strategies to spin the reels and win money. But keep in mind that slots are meant for fun, so don’t take this gambling entertainment too seriously. 

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The best way to play slot machines is to find a game that you like and enjoy it to the fullest. We’ve told you how to choose a title and launch it, so let the game begin!

FAQ about How to Play Slot Machines

How do slot machines work?

Slot machines operate using a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome of each spin. When you pull the lever or push the “spin” button, the RNG generates a random combination of symbols, which determines if you win or lose.

What are paylines, and how do they affect my chances of winning?

Paylines are the patterns that symbols must form to create a winning combination. The more paylines you activate, the higher your chances of winning, but it also increases your bet. You can typically adjust the number of paylines before spinning.

What is a “bet level” or “coin value,” and how does it impact my wagers?

Slot machines offer options to adjust your bet level and coin value. The total bet is calculated by multiplying these two values. Higher bet levels and coin values result in larger bets and potentially bigger wins, but they also pose higher risks.

Are there any strategies to improve my chances of winning at slots?

Slot games are primarily games of chance, so there are no foolproof strategies to guarantee wins. However, managing your bankroll, choosing slots with high return-to-player (RTP) percentages, and setting win and loss limits can help you maximize your enjoyment and potentially extend your playing time.

What are bonus features and free spins in slot games?

Many slot machines include bonus features like free spins, multipliers, and mini-games. These features provide opportunities to win extra prizes without additional bets. Free spins, in particular, allow you to spin the reels without deducting from your balance.

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