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How to Play Keno Like a Pro

By Budzh'yun
Updated: Oct 11, 2023
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How to Play Keno Like a Pro

Keno is a great crypto casino entertainment for those who have good intuition and want to tempt fortune. Chances are you’ll get a big prize for the very first draw, or spend hours choosing numbers and end up with nothing. A trick of fortune? Partially. Your skills matter too. 

And it’s not just about knowing the rules – the world’s best players have developed effective strategies on how to boost winnings! Learn how to play keno like a pro and enhance your gambling experience!

How to Play Keno Like a Pro

Keno is a lottery or bingo-style game that doesn’t require any exceptional skills to get fast wins. It appeared in China 2 000 years ago and is rightfully considered to be the oldest crypto casino entertainment.

The game hasn’t lost its charm and popularity and still attracts gambling fans with simplicity, fast-paced excitement, linked jackpots, and major payouts.


Our complete guide on how to play keno slots will come in handy for anyone who wants to upgrade their skills and increase winning amounts. We’ll discuss the rules, expert tips, and smart tricks to play like a pro. Let’s get started!

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Keno Rules

Keno may seem complicated at first glance – a bunch of numbers and different bet variations cause confusion, although this is one of the simplest games in modern online crypto casinos. The goal is in picking or guessing the winning numbers – you’ll see 80 spots on the keno card and have to select up to 20 balls (depending on the game variation). Then the drawing starts, and the random number generator presents you with 20 winning spots. The payout depends on how many numbers you matched.

how do you play keno and win?
How To Play Keno: Rules

Whichever game you choose, the rules always remain the same, the only difference is in the plot, payouts, number of spots to choose, and bet amount. These are the rules of how to play keno, everything is easy!

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Easy Steps on How to Play Keno

Love bingo, roulette, and various lottery forms? Then it’s worth trying your luck in keno! You won’t have any problems even if you’ve never encountered this game before. We’re happy to present you 5 simple steps on how to play online keno and check how lucky you are!

  1. Register at a reliable online crypto casino. Choose only proven gambling platforms to get fair odds and fast payouts. Registration is required on all casino sites, it’ll take you only a few minutes.
  2. Claim your bonus. Every self-respecting brand offers welcome bonuses to its customers. For example, Bitstarz.com gives you 5BTC + 180 FREE SPINS. Even if you don’t find the same profitable offers on other platforms, there will be at least a minimal bonus to get more out of online gambling.
  3. Choose a game. Find the appropriate category or use the search bar to see the full list of available titles. Don’t know what to choose? Most Bitstarz.com customers prefer Book of Keno and Burning Keno games due to their interesting plots and good payout rates. Moreover, beginners have great opportunity to check out the gameplay and test their strategy by running the demo version. Consider these criteria when choosing a machine for betting.
  4. Choose numbers. Click on the spot you like to select it. The Autopick option is available too. The number of spots to choose is quite flexible – from 1 to 20 depending on the crypto casino game.
  5. Make a bet. Use the button on the side or at the bottom of the playing field to set the desired bet. Its amount traditionally starts from $1 and grows to $5. It’s best to start small if you’re just learning how to play video keno and win.
  6. Start playing. Press the “Start”, “Play”, or “Draw” button to begin the round. The RNG will present you with 20 winning balls. You will see the matched numbers highlighted on the card.
  7. Check your rewards. If you win, you’ll multiply your bet by several times depending on the number of matching spots. Please note that payouts and odds are counted differently in various crypto casino games. So check the rules before making bets.
  8. Try again. The next round will be available immediately or in a few minutes. Pick your numbers, set the bet size, and start gambling again.

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Keno How to Play and Win: Top Strategies

Wondering how to play keno slots and win big? It’s hard to imagine how much money gamblers have already lost trying to develop a winning strategy. The fact is that there are no secrets, since the game works on the principle of randomness, regardless of the numbers you choose.

how to play keno slots and win?
Keno How to Play and Win: Top Strategies

Some gamblers believe they’ll get more matches if they pick some of the bottom 40 spots. But it’s impossible to track the winning pattern. The only working strategy is to choose machines with higher odds and payouts. This will allow you to increase profit even with minimal matches.

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How To Play Keno And Win: Best Keno Tips for Beginners

Simple but useful tips on how to play keno online games turn out to be more effective than numerous dubious strategies. The following tricks will come in handy for both beginners and experienced crypto casino players. Take them into account, and you’ll manage to make your gambling experience more exciting!

keno how to play and win
How To Play Keno And Win: Best Keno Tips for Beginners

Bet on 4-6 Numbers

It’s hard to resist the seduction to play the maximum amount of spots allowed, especially when crypto casinos offer life-changing cash for just a $1 bet. It would seem, the more numbers you choose, the higher the chance to win. But actually, it doesn’t work that way. A prize for 3 matching numbers is given only when betting on 6, 5, 4, and 3 numbers.

Accordingly, if you guessed 3 spots by playing 7, 8, 9, 10, or more numbers, you will be left with nothing. Moreover, no one has ever guessed 20 winning balls in the entire game’s existence. What do you think your chances are? Consider the probability of matching numbers if you bet on 20 out of 80.

171 in 90.6 billion
181 in 10.5 trillion
191 in 2.9 quadrillion
201 in 3.5 quintillion
How do you play keno: tips for beginners

Try Picking Consistent Spots

Let’s imagine that you took the previous advice and bet on 6 spots, but guessed only 2. What will you do next? Is it worth choosing other betting options? There’s nothing more frustrating than switching numbers and watching the previous spots become winning ones.

So if you change your mind every new round, you risk falling into despair over time. Be more consistent in your choice so as not to get carried away by the excitement and lose your mind. It’s also a good idea to choose the numbers you like to make the gameplay more thrilling and get maximum pleasure when your favorite figures come in.

How to Play Keno Slots
How To Play Keno And Win: Best Keno Tips for Beginners

Stick to Basic Keno

This tip will be useful for those who want to learn how to play keno machines and win larger sums in a shorter time. Why is a basic version better? Modern crypto casinos are trying to attract keno fans by making the games more complex and fascinating. So they came up with multiple bonus offers and pooled progressive jackpots to make the good old machine look fresh.

Although this adds a touch of novelty and makes the gambling process more exciting, you get lower payouts and odds in return for such pleasure. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy all these games, you will simply win less.

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Keno Vocabulary

When a beginner first plays keno, they’re dealing with a lot of fresh information. And to make things easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of important terms to help you understand the game quickly.

  • Autopick – a special feature that automatically selects random spots for you.
  • Balance – the amount to spend on betting.
  • Bet – the amount used to play one or more game rounds.
  • Draw – the process of a random selection of 20 winning numbers at the end of each round.
  • Keno card – a table with numbers from 1 to 80.
  • Multiplier – the rate by which your bet increases after a win.
  • Odds – the probability of guessing matching numbers.
  • Payout – the money you get by winning a round.
  • Quick Pick – a feature that selects random balls for a quick game.
  • Spot – the number you choose on the card.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Keno

Gambling entertainment is constantly evolving, and keno is no exception. The game is offered in every decent online crypto casino and turns out to be even more popular than bingo or lottery. But is keno worth your attention? Decide for yourself after reviewing its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of KenoCons of Keno
Easy-to-understand rules and simple mechanicsNo 100% winning strategies
Various bonus features in new game versions Payouts and odds are sometimes low
Great chance to win more oftenUnreachable main prize
Ability to test the game for free in demo mode
Bunch of keno variations


Now is the best time to try your hand at keno. Leading brands give you the chance to try your luck and win big with the minimum bets. What’s more, online crypto casinos are a great alternative to brick-and-mortar establishments as you get a fantastic gambling experience from the comfort of your home.

Profitable payouts, low minimum stakes, and enticing perks are available to you 24/7. You now know how to play Keno, so choose where to gamble and give the game a shot!

FAQ about Playing Keno

What is Keno, and how do you play it?

Keno is a lottery-style game where players select numbers on a card. It’s simple to play; choose numbers, place your bet, and wait for the draw.

Where can I play Keno?

You can find Keno in many casinos, both land-based and online. Simply visit a casino offering Keno and start playing.

How do you pick Keno numbers?

Select your desired numbers on a Keno card, usually up to 20 numbers out of 80. The numbers you choose determine your potential winnings.

What are Keno’s odds?

Keno odds vary based on the number of selections you make. The more numbers you choose, the higher the potential payout, but the lower the odds of winning.

What are Keno payouts like?

Keno payouts depend on the casino and the number of matches. Most Keno games have different paytables, so check them before playing.

Can you play Keno online?

Yes, many online casinos offer Keno. You can play from the comfort of your home or on-the-go through their websites or apps.

Are there any Keno strategies to improve your chances?

Keno is largely a game of chance, and there are no guaranteed strategies. However, managing your bankroll and understanding the odds can help.

Is Keno legal, and what’s the minimum age to play?

Keno is legal in many places, but the minimum age to play varies. It’s essential to check local regulations or casino guidelines.

What is the history of Keno?

Keno has ancient origins dating back to China. It later became popular in the West during the 19th century, with its modern version emerging in the 20th century.

Author: Budzh'yun
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